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  1. countries: Germany
  2. Duration: 100 m
  3. casts: Jamie Bell, Miles Teller
  4. 139416 votes
  5. User ratings: 4,6 of 10

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It is the worst reboot of a movie series I’ve ever seen. It’s an insult to the previous films of Fantastic Four. Those were awesome movies. I don’t understand, how this movie even got permission to use that awesome name. I was eagerly waiting to watch this movie. But was really disappointed after watching it. As the previous “Fantastic Four” movies were awesome, I had high expectations from this movie. Technology in 2015 has developed much more than it was in 2005. But the 2005 version of F4 looks great than this. I had to watch that movie again to remove the impression of this movie from mind. Hope it will get rebooted again and with better story,plot and animation like old ones.

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