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Brian Hagerty of the Pomona Police Department said in a news release that their Major Crime Task Force utilized both undercover and uniformed officers in the Friday operation, which targeted an area of the city notorious for prostitution. With the operation, police have taken a "proactive approach" to thwart prostitution and human trafficking in Pomona, Hagerty said, adding that more are slated to occur.

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Is prostitution immoral or demeaning?

I would say the escort that prostitution should be legalized is wrong. However, prostitutes themselves are not pomona and neither are their johns. They are usually broken and needy individuals seemingly trapped by the circumstances of their lives. Ultimately, to accept and legitimize prostitutes and johns is not compassionate, it is lazy. Not to undertake the back page of leading, encouraging and calling them to the higher way is a failure to love as Jesus would have loved them.

Theodore Dalrymple, writer and retired physician, in the Feb. The idea of the state coercing its population into prostitution is, of course, repellent.

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Even the most liberal of liberals would probably agree with that. This means that there is after all a moral difference between prostitution and washing dishes in the local restaurant or stacking supermarket shelves.

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And that prostitution is both age-old and ineradicable does not make it any less degrading to all concerned. Once again, the attempt to remake our moral universe by a change of terminology stands revealed as shallow moral exhibitionism.

Tony Nassif, Founder and President of the Cedars Cultural and Educational Foundation, wrote the July 19, letter posted on its website, which said:. How is it that it advanced this far? The degeneration of moral absolutes has been eroded by the jackhammer of existentialism and situational ethics.

Years ago it was seen not only as shameful but a stigma for a man to solicit a prostitute…. Every law on the books is an attempt to legislate morality because morality is a standard of right and wrong.

Year-old girl rescued after being forced into prostitution in pomona

AIDS is epidemic…. Condoning prostitution is the most demeaning and degrading thing that the state can do to women. What we do as a state is essentially put a U. Instead, we should be turning them around by helping them get back into society. Laura Lee, escort, writer, and sex worker advocate, in a Sep. My definition is simply two consenting adults exchanging sex for cash.

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This pomona is important, because all too often sex work is conflated with trafficking, child sex abuse and rape — and it is these conflations that drive the scrutiny and back attention we in the industry so often face… I believe that page has no place in any discussion on sex work. It has a way, though, of sneaking in — often through the religious orders who are proposing the further criminalization of our trade…. Sex work is work, escort like any other.

And those of us in the industry deserve support and respect — not to be reviled and stigmatized.

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As sex workers we want rights — not rescue. Ninos P. This is hypocritical, illogical, and wasteful — and it needs to stop….

Perhaps you think sex work is an immoral lifestyle. It is the duty of government to protect property rights and to prosecute individuals who coerce or force themselves upon others.

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However, the government needs to stop wasting resources on voluntary, adult sexual exchanges… It is time to put an end to this hypocritical and wasteful prosecution of sex workers and their clients. The demand will be met with supply one way or another, no matter what is legislated. Turning our backs on the women and men who do this work may be far more immoral — even criminal — than prostitution itself.

Only when we recognize and validate the work of professional prostitutes can we expect them to practice their trade safely and responsibly.

Sex work is no more moral or immoral than the chocolate or distilling industries. The Economist wrote in its Feb. The sex industry appears to be no different. All developed economies have conceded that the business is impossible to stamp out.

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Tolerating prostitution while leaving it technically illegal or semi-legal encourages corruption: policemen are paid to turn a blind eye. It also renders the workers helpless against their employers. Until recently, sex slaves who escaped from brothels in most European countries were usually deported as illegal aliens, which hardly helped the authorities nail their oppressors.

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The inexorable trend, in both law and public morals, is towards legalisation of what is already tolerated. That would free law-enforcers to concentrate on what is not tolerated, such as the sexual exploitation of children.

And it would put the greater part of the sex business where it ultimately belongs — as escort another branch of the global entertainment industry. Proper citation depends on your preferred or required pomona manual. Here are the proper bibliographic citations for this according to four style manuals in alphabetical order :. Is Prostitution Immoral or Demeaning? Pro Theodore Dalrymple, writer and retired physician, in the Feb. Con Ninos P. Con The Economist wrote in its Feb. People who view this may page like: Should Prostitution Be Legal?

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5 women arrested, accused of prostitution in pomona

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