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Cl personals, I'd like looking up personals who like tourism

Inthe US Senate passed a bill to fight online sex trafficking.

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What is my age I am 19

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in. Almost a year ago, Craigslist shut down its personals department.

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I understand why. My request that CL reconsider is completely selfish — but a quick web search shows that online sex trafficking is still an issue a year later, so Craigslist closing down their personals section did not solve the problem.

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Since my divorce ne a rly a decade ago, CL was my most successful means of making connections with other people. Through it all, Craigslist has been my go-to for making every type of connection.

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CL offered something that none of the other platforms do as well: deliberation. Pictures could be included, but it was again a choice, it was not an obvious absence if you posted an ad sans smiling face — or other body part.

There was no specific format or formula. personals

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The cookie cutter approach of most dating sites, many even offering checklists to describe yourself and what you are looking for, squelches individuality. Wants, needs, dreams, and identity did not have to fit in an easy to define list on Craigslist.

Deliberation continued when people decided to answer an ad. Maybe — but it is still people deciding who they are attracted to based on a few pictures and some cookie-cutter description. Furthermore, my experience with online dating suggests that the more unpleasant, even abusive, interactions take place after a few personals of messaging. No app or site that I have found comes close to the depth and versatility that I experienced using Craigslist — and CL was free, unlike all the other personals, which incessantly offer their paid services.

I have fond memories of people I ed, messaged, and met via Craigslist.


I have a few close friends who started out as people who either posted or answered them. Dating sites skew younger, and they offer personals more connections if you are near a bigger city. For me, older and in the middle of nowhere, CL personal were a life-changer. So please, Craigslist, I miss the odd little hyperlinks, the notices about safe sex, and the barren white screen with basic black type.

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I miss the thrill of a trickle of s from possible new friends as we see if there is a possible connection. Please, pretty please, figure out a way to come back.

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