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Police said a separate case was opened, and authorities identified more than acts of apparent prostitution at the establishment. Multiple employees allegedly participated in or facilitated the acts. The investigation led police to serve search warrants at the club on Friday.

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On Sunday, Dianah Carol Woods, 44, was arrested for a second prostitution offense on 35th Avenue North, police records state. Captain Knipes with the Myrtle Beach Police Department says prostitution has always been an ongoing issue in Myrtle Beach, just like in other cities. But it's only a problem because there is a demand for it.

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Knipes says police try to crack down on the people seeking prostitutes, too. Officers argue people who think police should be spending their time arresting other types of criminals don't understand how useful a prostitution arrest can be for those other more serious crimes.

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We will be able to use some of the information that we obtained through these arrests to develop [Confidential Informants] and to get information and tips on more violent crimes yrtlecbeach are going on. So, while you may think it's a victimless escort, it does lead to other arrests for us of a more violent nature. Police say they have a of ways of finding prostitution suspects.

They use social media sites like craigslist and back.

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Sometimes people call in with tips. But, "probably the majority of the arrests that are made from prostitution are just good old fashioned police work - are just observations, officers riding down the street," Knipes continues. If there wasn't a demand, these women would be on the streets. So, for every prostitute there's a John.

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So, not only do we have to go after prostitutes, we have to go after the source, they're the demand. So, that's something that we do from time to time also. Shalonda Leann Skiff.

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Source: Myrtle Beach Police Department. Dianah Carol Woods. Jamie Doyle-Wenger. Katelyn Rose Boyd.

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