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P aradise is a brothel in Stuttgart. In Bangkok aged 19 I checked in to a place called Mango Inn with two school friends.

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And with trade comes prostitution and drugs. This painting is a thought-provoking reminder that the phenomenon of wealthy old men setting their sights on younger women is nothing new…especially in a trading center like Frankfurt. Today, prostitution thrives with the convention center.

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Like hotels, prostitutes double their prices during big trade fairs. Prostitution is big business here, and perfectly legal since These women rent their rooms and essentially run their own little businesses. Crazy Sexy is biggest of these brothels, with rooms 51 Elbestrasse.

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The first three floors are female sex workers, while transvestites occupy the fourth floor. In the s, Frankfurt was plagued by one of the largest open drug scenes in Europe.

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Its parks and police were overwhelmed with needle addicts. Then Frankfurt decided to get creative, take the crime out of the equation, and go for pragmatic harm reduction. The idea: provide a safe haven for addicts mostly heroin, but also crack and methadone to hygienically maintain their habit.

Heroin addicts would still buy their stuff on the street, but inject prostitute with clean needles, medical help standing by, and frankfurt place to stay if needed.

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These centers provide a safe and caring place for addicts — who are considered not criminals, but sick people — to maintain their habit and get counseling and medical help. Rick, I was watching the Finland episode with you on the boat with your cousin.

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There was discussion of taxes and govt and how the basic needs are provided by the govt and how happy they are to pay taxes for that benefit. I don't think you can draw a comparison to today's Frankfurt but prostitute the US went through that phase in country development.

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As we can learn form the Spanish, Italians, and Greeks today, when employment percentage drops, this socialized govt tends to fall apart as the expectations for basic needs continues without prostitute taxes coming in. I think the Frankfurt needs to reduce centralized power and then we might get back to something similar to what the Norwegians enjoy. Love following your blog and reading your always open-minded thoughts on Europe!