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The Fox ESTP — The way that witty banter and word play can flow effortlessly—and eternally—from their mouth, all punctuated by the frequent, and often dirty, one-liners. The targets of their insults are just collateral damage standing in the way of a greater, less funny, ambition, and they very rarely have the decency to mourn for the departed.

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By: Patricia Oelze. Have you ever had a friend or family member who had a very dark sense of humor?

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There's something magical that happens when you and your date funny happen to laugh at the same thing — it's an instant spark And if you're looking for the funniest Myers-Briggs personality types to date, it's worth noting that those with an Intuitive or Perceiving type have some serious skills for making people laugh. Because the Intuitive trait means you look for the deeper personality and humor in everyday things, and Perceivers tend to be less cautious and more open-minded.

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It's important to note that sense of humor is a subjective thingand what makes one person chuckle might not have the same effect on another. So, ultimately, it's all about finding someone who happens to share your same definition of what's hilarious.

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That said, certain types tend to have a consistently comedic perspective on things, and a knack for finding humor in almost any situation. Laughter is not only a natural de-stressor that can ease the tension on a type, but it also serves as a phenomenal compatibility testand a way to find common funny in how you view the world.

Once they make you laugh, it only fuels their personality to keep the show going.

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ESFPs are hyper observant, and this quality contributes to their comedic finesse. Energetic, talkative, and playful, they can turn almost any situation into a good time.

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From politics and sports to science and the arts, their insight into a wide range of current topics allows them to infuse some levity into even the most serious discussions. Certainly, their confidence and charisma also come in handy for delivering a humorous comment or story.

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The ENTP is truly an out-of-the-box quick thinker, which means they can instantly come up with hilarious comebacks on the spot. In high school, the ESTP may have very well earned the superlative "class clown.

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All of those qualities combined may get ESTPs into trouble sometimes, but they also make them one of the funniest personality types. Energetic and sociable, The Entrepreneur is often seen as the life of the party.

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So, they won't just have you laughing — they'll have your whole squad on the floor, too. Due to their ability to think on their feet and their flexible, adaptable nature, the ESTP's improvisational skills are off the charts.

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As long as you can handle their irreverent sense of humoryou'll definitely appreciate this type's unfiltered jokes. By Rebecca Strong.