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Though misconceptions about prostitution often lead to mistreatment in hospitals and law enforcement, in Worcester, that story is slowly changing. Officials and community leaders say that the city is increasingly looking at prostitution as a public health issue, rather than a moral failing.

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For decades the city's Main South section has been known as an area for johns to find prostitutes.

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The violent insurgence that descended upon the Capital building, a breach that has not occurred since the War ofis a disturbing unveiling of the reality of the state of our nation.

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The failure of law enforcement, including images of uniformed officers moving out of the way of domestic terrorists as they breached the capitol prostitution worcester shocking. The stark contrast of the police and military response to this attack by treasonists compared to the police and military responses to lawful, peaceful protesters across the United States demonstrating against the police murder of Black people is reprehensible.

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LIFT stands with state leaders, community members, and citizens across the county in condemning this violent attack on the United States Congress as Senators worcester Representatives met to fulfill their prostitution responsibility to certify the of the Presidential election. The actions yesterday were an affront to our democracy. The failure in both preparation and response by law enforcement is embarrassing.

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It is our sincere hope that every single person involved in the events of yesterday at every single level are held able for their actions and or inactions, whatever they may be. Women in systems of prostitution are at heightened risk of exposure to COVID due to chronic homelessness and compromised immune systems. With vital social service organizations closed and resources and services drastically reduced under the Stay-at-Home worcester issued by DPH on March 23,many of our participants are in critical need of support.

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Additionally, we are working with Worcester city officials to open and staff emergency shelters, and getting our participants somewhere safe to shelter-in-place. All proceeds donated to this fund will go directly to providing support for our participants during this public health pandemic. Please consider donating HERE.

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Living In Freedom Together LIFT is a survivor-led organization comprised of those who have overcome systems of prostitution, and allies sensitive to the needs of this vulnerable and marginalized prostitution. Our mission is to provide resources, advocacy, and support to empower individuals to exit and recover from the impacts of CSE, and to end prostitution.


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Living In Freedom Together LIFT provides a unique blend of community programs including direct services, community awareness and education, and advocacy for innovative and productive public policy. Our recovery model focuses on holistic, sustainable recovery — emphasizing self-care, life skills development, and job-training opportunities. The LIFT Drop-In Center provides individuals prostitution access to medical and mental health services, including worcester care options and treatment referrals.

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Additionally, worcester site offers clothing, food, and other direct services. LIFT provides survivor-developed training programs for law enforcement agencies, medical providers, educational institutions, hotels, and more. Living In Freedom Together. We refuse to accept a nation of violence. We call for you to us. If you are in prostitution of LIFT services or programs — please directly.

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LIFT was founded in and incorporated in A Recovery Home. This is a community issue, and must be solved by a comprehensive approach relying on business support.

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NoVo Foundation. Greater Worcester Community Foundation.

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Fred Harris Daniels Foundation. Reliant Foundation.

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Fallon Health. Francis Community Health. Please support our efforts for change.

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